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Customer Service

Language Selction in Surveys

I'm working on the idea to let the customer choose in what Language he wants to see the text written in the survey.
- There hast to be a dropdown for the customer to select his prefered language
- welcome-text, questions, answeres must be created in all wanted languages

Quick and dirty:
Is it possible to create a google-translate button on the page? Not all browser can do it on their own.


Translation Module for Admin

I suggest to add an admin frontend to modify the language files. This enables an OTRS admin to modify translations without having the need to access the server filesystem directly to modify OTRS files.

Even more powerful would be an inline editing of description fields and an additional frontend to translate text blocks, e.g. for the event based notifications.


Sub Languages should use Main Language as base

I suggest that sub-languages like "en_CA" or "en_GB" use language "en" as fallback
another example "es_MEX" use language "es" as fallback so in that case if a translation is missing you still have the fallback mail language.

This could also apply to packages if you define language for example main spanish "es" in all packages screens then any derived sub-language can use the main language translation for example "es_MEX"... more »


Translations of the event based notifications

Current the event based notification only send out the single configured message. This means that no language translations of the message can be provided. This is a major feature loss when trying to replace the standard notification with the event based notification. Thus I suggest to support translations for the event based notifications.


Custom Translation via SysConfig

I suggest to move custom translations from Kernel/Language/ to Admin -> SysConfig -> Framework -> Frontend::Translation

This would allow the OTRS administrator to define custom translations without having the need to access the file system directly and without the hassle to make sure the perl syntax is right.

Just two SysConfig Levels needed, so the Frontend for this should be very easy, but the way how... more »