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Customer Service

Workflow: Customer Reminder for open Ticket (Auto Remind, Close)

If a ticket requires customer information, the ticket contact should periodically receive reminders. After a specific amount of days has passed, the ticket status get automatically marked as e.g. "Closed / No Response". No agent-side action required.

The ticket will be set active again, if the customer follows up and answers to the ticket.

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Unified condition engine

It would be nice to have some sort of a universal condition engine. (like in ITSM change management)
Such unified it could be used to define ACLs as well as change conditions in a centralized way. Workflows could be modeled in a simple way.
One could ether use a GUI (as used with changes yet) ore to define it config style (like the ACL definition today).

IT Service Management

Workorder by length and position in workflow

We try to implement the workflow of some standard changes. It is annoying that in the workorder creation there has to be a start time and an end time to both define the length and the position in the change.
It would be nice to define a position in the workflow. you can define a workorder A and a workorder B stat starts when workorder A is completed.
Then it should be possible to define a length of the workorder to... more »

New Feature / Feature Enhancement

States workflow

I suggest you implement states workflow. It will be fine to have choice to configure which state will be after another, etc.
For example there are four states: new, open, resolved, close.
The workflow will be:
new -> open -> resolved -> closed and you will not be able to go directly new -> resolved or resolved -> closed. Now it is possible. And one more improvement, it should be useful to have choice which states are... more »


Integration with SQL-Ledger

SQL-Ledger is an Open Source accounting software. Written in Perl, webbased with Postgres / Oracle as DB Backend. Supports numerous languages, (is in fact multilangual), localized chart of accounts (tax system) etc. I would love to see this software integrated to be able to link customers, sales workflow from quote or sales order until invoice to tickets and customers. SQL-Ledger: