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Dashboard: Queues Overview

Would love to have a module "Queues Overview" for the dashboard that display the status of selected queues (My Queues) in a visual way.


ie (translated to text, capture to follow):

- Queue1 - new: 2, open: 4, pending: 5

- Queue2 - new: 0, open: 2, pending: 4



This is clearly intended for supervisor and could end up on a big flat screen in the operating room.

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Save E-Mails as Draft

Currently it's very risky to interrupt one's work in OTRS. E-Mails not sent are easily getting lost because there's no option to save them. Therefore it needs an option to set emails to draft:

In AgentTicketCompose - next to the "send" button, there's another button "draft". The new article is stored in the data base as if it was sent, just marked as a draft. Possible states for the ticket are: new, open, pending.

New... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Allow agent to add other agents to ticket watch list

Add the ability for the agent to add other agents to the ticket watch list without having to contact the other agent and ask them to log in and watch the ticket.

We have management staff who wish to be notified of certain high priority tickets with important customers, and who wish to receive all follow up on those tickets. We CC them on the original email, but then they often do not log in to click "watch" for the ticket,... more »
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Software Licence management

CMDB is very closed to be a complete license management backend: There is just a way needed to add for example a MS volume licensing contract like an inventory. Everytime a licence gets used as an CI the counter gets down. This is needed in nearly all companies, they spend big effort on licencse management and auditing.