IT Service Management

Approval for Changes via notification email

Approve / disapprove changes via email rather than using the web front end. Assuming that most Change Managers are busy and high paid resources who are always on the run, it would be very nice if a Change Manager could approve a change by simply clicking on a link within the notification email.


SOAP Interface goes ITSM and more

I suggest to extend the SOAP Interface for all common tasks within Ticket, Service Level Management, Configuration Management and Change Management. Additionally it would be useful to have the SOAP interface modulare so that other packages can extend die SOAP interface with their objects and methods. E.g. the FAQ. This would enable other tools to use the OTRS FAQ or to update content in the FAQ.

New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Attachment overview per ticket

A ticket can have multiple attachments which makes it pretty complicated finding the attachment you're looking for. I can think of an overview per ticket where all attachments get displayed ordered by their file name. If attachments with exactly the same filename are present twice or more, I'd like to get them sorted in a subarea where the latest of these files comes on top.