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Agent Frontend


Search Results as Dashlets It would be a great (and preferrably easy to implement) idea to be able to make saved searches available in dashboards. So that if you define a search and save the parameters you could choose this saved search to appear as a dashlet in the dashboard. Seems to be pretty easy and would offer a lot of useful things (e. g. keeping track in the dashboard of all tickets in a certain queue which have ...more »

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Time Accounting

Focus user's TimeAccounting report down to this month's projects

In the Reporting section of TimeAccounting I can look at a report for a single user by clicking on their row in the User Reports table. The second tabular report on the page I get is titled "User's project overview". There are a set of rows for every project the user has ever logged time against. Sometimes I only want to see the projects they have logged time for in the current month. You already provide a link at the ...more »

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Administrator Frontend

New ticket notification on auto assigned ticket

When i create a ticket via email and auto assign the ticket to a agent and lock it (via PostMaster Filters) the whole group is getting the new ticket notification (All agents have the "New Ticket Notification: Yes" and the queue highlighted). We often auto assign tickets because the agents are creating tickets among themselves. So it would be nice if a new tickets comes in and it has already a owner (and its locked) only ...more »

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Agent Frontend

Current status tickets visible with colors

For quickly dispatching and re-assigning tickets we really need some sort of color scheme.

So the state is visable at a glance.


Is it possible to create this? We think the title column would be best suitable for this wish.


YELLOW: > 5 days open without action

ORANGE: > 1,5 week open without action

RED: Escalated/ > 2 weeks no action

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OTRS Framework

TicketMerge event fires with the 'wrong' ticket (child instead o

The TicketMerge event fires with the wrong (child) ticket details loaded into the notification tags (OTRS_TICKET_xxx). This makes no real sense since a Merge event is only important for the owners of the parent ticket. A notification is only useful for them and not for the owner of the child ticket that looses all of its articles anyhow... and has the 'otrs' user ID (1) of it's owner 99.9% of the time. So how about changing ...more »

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OTRS Framework

TicketWorkflows - Multiple task dependencies



In the ticket workflows configuration, one task can only depend on another task and sometimes it would be very helpful that a task could be made available only when several previous tasks are completed. Would it be impossible to include this functionality in the TicketWorkflows?




Paulo Matias

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Agent Frontend

MasterSlave handling attachements

The customers of slave-tickets get e-mails within a link to the attachment/content of the master-ticket.

This is not a proper solution for our workflows. The slave ticket customers dont have the permission to access the content of the master ticket.

Could you provide the attachment from the master ticket at every single slave-ticket outbound mail?

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OTRS Framework

attach file to email - disposition as option in the SysConfig

In the file /Kernel/System/Email.pm the disposition for e-mail attachments is set on 'inline' (line 460).

In my system I have changed this in 'attachment'.

It was nice, when in the future this option can be set in the SysConfig.


# Disposition => $Upload->{Disposition} || 'inline',

Disposition => $Upload->{Disposition} || 'attachment',

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