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Allow templates to belong to multiple types

It would be nice to be able to use the same template for "Create", "Answer" and "Email" types. Either allow choosing several types for each template or, alternatively, maybe allow using the same name when creating a duplicate template where the only difference is the template type. As it is now, we'll have to create a template called "Template X Reply", "Template X Create" and "Template X Email" in order to be able ...more »

Submitted by (@lgomes)


3 votes


Add option to also use backup codes with 2 Factor Auth. (TOTP)

We have enabled 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for the Agent login. There are two scenarios that seem to occur more often than anticipated 1) Agent forgets her/his 2FA device (usually the phone) 2) Agent looses/replaces/reset his 2FA device In both cases the admin needs to be involved (on short notice) to enable the Agent to work. Other 2FA enabled services (e.g. Google, Github) have a concept of "backup" or "recovery" ...more »

Submitted by (@rhabermann)


1 vote


Merge GenericInterface Debugger into Communication Log

In OTRS 6 the new communication log was introduced. Unfortunately this communication log only shows the transmission status for Emails and SMS.

I would love to also merge the GenericInterface Debugger into this communication log. The benefit of this would be, that you only have one screen, where you can find all the communication related logs.

Submitted by (@rooobaaat)


3 votes

New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Add "export" button to Webservice Debugger Details

At this moment, you can view the webservice debugger log by clicking an entry in the REQUEST LIST.

If you want to share this information, you either do many manual copy-pastes or produce screenshot.


Proposal: add an export button here that moves the REQUEST DETAILS to a downloadable file format

Submitted by (@harald.eisenmenger)


3 votes


Implement additional Operations for web services



like in other ITSM systems, more operations for the GenericInterface should be available like:















Submitted by (@rooobaaat)

Available as Business or freely selectable Feature : No MODERATOR


4 votes


Use free/busy information from Exchange in OTRS calendar

We have the need for using the free/busy information from the Exchange calendar in the OTRS integrated calendar for optimizing the planning of our field-based employees.

Additionally, if an accomodation is planned in the OTRS calendar, it should also be transmitted back into the exchange calendar.

Submitted by (@rooobaaat)


12 votes

Reporting and Analytics

Add before/after time query option in reports

When using the search option in Agent interface, agents can add a search criteria like "Ticket Create Time (before/after)". This option isn't available when creating reports, To create reports about i.e. "how many tickets are older than 10 days in queue" it would be very helpful to have this option available.

Submitted by (@aszameit)


7 votes